This site presents Rebeccas' profile.

Rebecca is a skilful dancer who works with environmental themes as a starting point for a physical and theoretical exploration. Her contextually engaged performance formats produce ideas that dream.

Since 2009 Rebecca works as Dramaturge. She started at State Theatre Braunschweig, then was employed for Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart and now works as freelancer for choreographers like Christine Borch and Nicki Liszta.
Besides, she continues her independent arts practice.

Foto: Regina Brocke

Artists' Statement

As a dancer I have three bodies:
the one I sense, the tool I correct, the illusion created in the spectators’ eye.

The snail has only one body:
all movement is touch, is sensation as it gropes its way through life.

Each step brings me off balance.
As I move I fall from the idea of an ideal body into the body that I am.

Thinker Mover Maker

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    • ongoing or temporary supervision, reflection and feedback on your practice
    • advisory sessions on the dramaturgy of your projects and performances
  • Education
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since 2012 independent dramaturge for Christine Borch, Nicki Liszta, etc. 
2010-2012 Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart
2009/2010 Eva-Maria Lerchenberg-Thöny, State Theatre Braunschweig

Performance and Exhibitions
Independend Arts Practice since 2005. 
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Education and Qualification
2007-2008 MA Arts and Ecology at Dartington College of Arts
2005-2007 Applied Theatre Studies at Giessen Universitiy
2004 Degree in contemporary and classical dance, Frankfurt
2000 Abitur at the dance orientated grammar school in Essen-Werden.

Early professional experience
2006 Parsifal, directed by Christof Nel, Frankfurt Opera House
2005 Mega Constructions, documentary, National Geographic
2005 Die Drei Rätsel, Directorial assistant and choreographer, Frankfurt Opera 


Aims and Objectives in Collaborations:
unfolding talents, skills, ideas and projects along side and in resonance with the other. Allowing different backgrounds and opinions to enrich the complexity of the work.

Collaborations with: Elisabeth Pöcksteiner, Shelley Castle, Christine Borch, Sebastian Klemm. Thanks to: Shelley Castle, Claire Long and Anna Keleher for the still images on this site; Beccy Beinart, Mona Kreipe, Ellen, Eleanor Davis and Pete Harrison, for mutual support.

Sources and Traces

Literature: Gaston Bachelard, Roland Barthes, John Berger, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Jaques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Gertrude Stein.
Movement: Body Mind Centering, Butho, Forsythes' Improvisation Technology, Contact Improvisation.